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Its the moment of Victory for America and not only for “Obama”. This is the starting date you may want to mark in your Calendar as for all the good changes are about to happen to the world. I am not looking at the vote in America as a choice of their country only, but its a choice of the world. Even if there were to be a voting system made online thru out world wide, I guess this is what will be the result still. A vote for the man which is believed to bring in the change to America and the World. I hope that Malaysia will also learn from this. Changes is definitely needed everywhere. So be prepared to accept the fact that people no longger loves the old tricks…….


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Emmm Looks like the man of the match would probably be “OBAMA”. I am not sure about you guys, but I definitely in for Obama’s Win. He is the man that I beleive will bring in the change not only in US but will influence the rest of the world towards a positive move.

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The world most awaited day, has finnaly arrived. I am updating this based on every 2 hours if there were to be any latest updates in the voting. For now looks like McCain is leading. Is this what the world wants…..??? lets watch till the end.

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Firstly apologies to guys for not been updating the blog for almost 2 weeks. Been carried away with the Raya Leave and also work as well. My personal apology to SLIM and thank you for your feedback. Appreciate that a lot.

Okay guys, let move on. During the holiday and all this Raya Leave one thing that I was so concern about was the PM announcement about his status as PM and UMNO president which will be made by the 9th of October 08. And when I finally got the news I was a bit happy but not to glory because – terlepas dari mulut buaya, l masuk ke mulut harimau pulak…. hope that you guys understand what is that meant.

How much do you think that the assistant of a leader who had failed so badly could help the nation. You are being leaded by someone who had failed terribly and you expect that you could do better that the person who leads you. I still remember a saying “Like father Like Son”.

The other thing that I like to make it clear is that. I have nothing against Pak Lah, because he is a nice man, down to earth, helpful and kind. But unfortunately this is a nice man’s attribute not a Prime Minister’s attribute who leads the nation to a greater height. We need someone who has the power and strength in world interaction, who is more enthusiatic, who is eager and work his best with no corruption – I MEAN ZERO Corruption and not low corruption, we also need someone who had gone thru a tough time who understand the real nation needs, like Nelson Mandela, we also need someone who is being voted by the “RAKYAT” not given away position like take away KFC.

Okay guys there is alot more we need in a Prime Minister the list can go on and on, bottom line we need a PM not a follower. With all the above qualifying attributes who do you  think well deserve to be sitting in the Prime Minister office in Putrajaya.

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1) Abdulah Badawi – is fighting to keep his seat

2) Anwar Ibrahim  – trying to take over the goverment

3) Raja Petra – Being sent for 2 Years ISA

4) Hidraf 5 – Still stuck in ISA almost a year

5) PAS – DAP – PKR – working out together for the best of the nation even though there could be some conflict of interest

6) UMNO – issues with dont know who would get the post, since some people dont want to leave the seat and some people against the owner of the seat asking him to let it go and give it to the deputy. So conflict within the team.

7) MEDIA – Have to be extra careful to write up anything – worrying been taken in to the dark ISA Room

8) RAKYAT – wondering and still pondering on what’s happening to MALAYSIA ??????


Malaysia is not the only country in the world that is facing this issues, we have countries like United States of America, Pakistan, Thailand, Australia, Egypt and Africa facing the same issues and infact they have moved on and bulding a better nation alltogether. There was a change in the middle of this year in Australia, and followed by USA, Thailand,Pakistan, and soon South Africa President is going to resign as well. 

BUT WHY is it in Malaysia people are not giving way for a change to happen. After 51 years, dont you think it would be good for once giving it to the others and lets see how they can bring a better change since there is so many obstacle and  peolpe dont seems to like you anymore the way how they use to. Why do you have to be so adamant in letting it go ????? Whats in it for you ???? It cant be rakyat – because the majority seems to be changing so it cant be for the good of the rakyat only – so it should be something else……

I really miss my Malaysia which used to be so peaceful and I dont have to get up the next day checking the newspaper seing whats next ?

This is so so Sad…  i am going to stop here for today and will continue on whats happening to Malaysia on the next write. Leaving you in dilema as I am right now.

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