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You want to Fly ? Firefly is giving away free tickets  for flights between March 17 and Oct 25. Apart from free flights for both one-way and return tickets, Firefly is also offering the ‘Island Escape Package’ from as low as RM119 for each person (on twin-sharing basis) as well as a package for a family of four at RM549. 

Free tickets were available as long as the quota of free tickets for each flight had not been filled. Firefly covers domestic flights to Subang, Penang, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Baru and Langkawi as well as regional flights to Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand

Terms and Condition Apply*

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This is a good article from Malaysia Kini about Mahathir’s comment :

He Says “I believe in an opposition. I have always maintained that this country needs an opposition and they should be critical of the government without which we don’t have a mirror to look at our faces. We think that we are very beautiful but it is the opposition that keeps telling us (that may not be true).

“You know the government member (of parliament), sometimes they are ‘ahli bodek’ (apple polishers). They are always saying ‘you’re right’, and you have no means of assessing whether you are going in the right direction or not.”
“Kelantan would be a very difficult because although the margin is very small, Kelantanese have got a mind of their own, so to speak. If they are living in KL, they are very supportive of the government but if they are living in Kelantan, the peer pressure is very strong.”

What he says bout “Pak Lah”

“I want to say this, there was no gentleman’s agreement on this but my thinking was that he (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) should serve for one term and give Najib (Razak) who by then would be much older to succeed him,”

“When I left, I made sure that the party, the government and the finances are in good shape. So when I am told that (my) projects have been postponed because of no money, it’s definitely not true.”

“If I was still the prime minister, I could go on not only with the projects that has already in the pipeline but also with new projects because we had money,”

“It is up to the people to judge. You see, I would be bias. (It) is normal if he wants to leave his mark but the unfortunate thing is that the mark cause some losses for us. That is why I was so critical,”

What he says bout “Khairy”

“He (Khairy) has said that ‘I can do these things because I get protection from my father-in-law’. Nobody should ever say that. Do the right thing – you don’t ask for protection from your father-in-law,”

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To all Andrewraj Blogs Reader, Good news. We have a new writer on the blog. This writer has had been identified thru the website itself. Very informative and of course a skillful writer as well. We hope that she could bring a total new image that leads to more informative and a site to visit daily.

With this kindly welcome Ms Justina the writer. The first write up will be up soon in a week time. So stay tune….

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