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Uncle Sam is dedicating his time and life for MIC. He had announced that he is not leaving or stepping down from MIC. Infact he plans to rebuild the MIC organisation to a better heights.

At the same time he had denied the offer for a Cabinet Post. This is the statement made “I don’t want to be a senator and I don’t want to be a minister via a senatorship. I’ve already got the message from the voters of Sungai Siput and I thank them for it. I’ve accepted my defeat and that is that. Maybe someone else would accept a senatorship but not me. It’s just not me,”

“I will now focus my energy on MIC and the problems affecting the Indians as I believe that I can still reunite the Indians. I’m sure I can do this as I know everyone. I’ve done this for 42 years and I know my people.”

This is an interesting statemnet “The BN government has to work harder to elevate the plight of the Indians and earn their trust once again. There shouldn’t be any more delays either in implementing the suggestions MIC has put forward to help the Indians,”

As a citizen living in this country, I personally find that the recent election is definitely a good change for the country, but as an Indian – I still strongly feel that we need to keep MIC going on. Its just an added advantage for Indian to move on. Even if we have new mixed goverment we still need MIC to go on, maybe the only thing need to be changed is the way how the organisation had been handled all this while – to be more aggresive in addressing the Indian community concern !


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IPOH: Brothers B. Vetheswaran and B. Vethenthiran were miraculously unhurt after being hit by cars in two separate incidents two years ago. 

The boys believe that Lord Subramaniam saved them from being seriously injured. 


Pilgrims’ progress: (From left) Brothers Vethenthiran, Vetheswaran and Vethanaganajan taking part in the Thaipusam celebrations at the Sri Subramaniar Temple in Ipoh.

As a sign of their gratitude, Vetheswaran, nine, and Vethenthiran, eight, decided to take part in the Thaipusam procession here yesterday to thank Lord Subramaniam. 

They walked barefoot from their home in Ulu Kinta to the Sri Subramaniar Temple, about 10km away in Gunung Cheroh here. The duo were joined by their seven-year-old brother Vethanaganajan.

Their father S. Bala, 37, said: “In both incidents, the boys were flung several metres after being hit but they were unscathed. 

“They both told me that Lord Subramaniam had saved them.”  

Bala said a medical check-up confirmed that Vetheswaran and Vethenthiran had not suffered any injuries.  

In JOHOR BARU, one of the largest kavadi at the Munishwarar Temple in Tampoi was carried by police detective R. Nadarajah, 46, who had taken a vow to carry a large kavadi to pray for his mother’s good health. 

“I have been carrying the kavadi at this temple for the last 15 years. I started as a sign of gratitude, when my mother recovered from an illness after I prayed for her at this temple,” he added. 

Although Nadarajah has since been transferred to Kuantan, he said he has made it a point to make the journey back to the temple to fulfil his vow every year. 

“As long as I am able to carry the kavadi, I will come back here for Thaipusam no matter where I am,” he said

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