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Guess what ? Most Malaysians are busy with the recent election result and outcome, but some of us still do have time for “MURDER“. So for those who is flirting out there with your relationship, time to beware and know what are your partner capable of doing to you in justice.

There is this new murder case happened in Pandan Indah involving a Couple on the 9th of March 2008. The boyfriend said to have confronted Siti Hajar who worked at a nightclub in the city, at about 3.15pm on Sunday and had accused her of having an affair with another man. The woman, who is from Perlis, is said to have had denied the accusation and a heated argument ensued.

After strangling her to death, the boyfriend, who sells clothes at the Selayang market, fled to his hometown in Negri Sembilan where he later confessed to his family that he had murdered his girlfriend.  

His family members persuaded him to give himself up and brought him to the police station at about 5pm. Police had clasified this as Murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code


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Its Valentine… a day to ….


Valentine happens every year on the 14th February and it never misses that date, but how many of us missed that day to celebrate… (a moment to think). Because when love first hits us… the first Valentine will be more than anything to celebrate. This  normally happens on the first love. Well its kinda sad that not everyone gets to celebrate their Valentine with the first love forever. Those who get to have their first love forever, you guys must be luckiest on earth. (not in all cases).

I am sure all of us have got our very own historical and memorable Valentine celebration. No matter how was the last celebration we had, lets make it a good one to celebrate this year. Put all those tears, fights, hard time, bad times and let make a good one and a moment to cherish this Valentine.

And for those who is still single out there, not to worry – cause double is trouble and single is simple and easy dude… so enjoy while you are single … and Im sure if you are still single, there would be a single soul out there waiting for you as well, so dont stop .. and keep out looking…. for diamonds and not found on the street.. it is made deep down in the earth, about 180km below the surface, where high temperatures and pressures exist naturally. So nothing comes easy… and things that comes easy does not stay forever.

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Hi all, this is very sad and unfortunately this kind of sickness find the poors as victims. This little baby Velerie Ann is suffering from “cyanotic heart disease” – low oxygen levels in the blood and causes the lips, fingers, and toes to look blue. 

The Father Jonathan Pillai had emptied his life savings which was about RM 23,000 thousand for the baby’s medical treatment thus far. Well, now that the major operation has to be taken place he has gone Zero in savings and hoping how Malaysian could help him. He need RM 481,000 in total for the 3 surgeries to be done. Only this would give him a 70% chance to save the little baby’s life.

As proud generous Malaysian, I am sure we can do more than RM481,000 if each and everyone of us contribute just one day meal of ours to save a great baby’s life. For those Christian’s out there this is Lent season, a good time to care and contribute.

Kindly send all Donations by cheque to Skudai Catholic Centre Johor Baru, Parish Office for Human Development, or banked into Public Bank account 314 628 5324.  For more information, contact Jonathan at 012-751 6843 (the baby’s daddy)

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