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This is not unusual. A very common thing that everyone does, but not something good to be practiced and of course, its always good to let the experts to do their job. I came accross this article in one of our local news paper and find its quite important to share with you all.

Consultant nephrologist Dr Goh Bak Leong said based on observations, patients had the tendency to self-treat diabetes and hypertension after just one or two visits.  

“Some patients may visit their doctors once or twice and then decide to buy their own medication instead of seeing their doctors on a regular basis. 

“This lack of doctor’s monitoring is dangerous. Their conditions may worsen and the patients won’t realise it. 

“These patients need to see a doctor even when there are no symptoms because by the time symptoms are discovered it will be too late. It can be a stroke or heart failure or kidney failure,” said Dr Goh, who is also the organising chairman of the World Kidney Day 2008.

He said for hypertension, a patient needed to reach the desired or target pressure level of 130/80mmHg, while for diabetes the sugar level should be between 4 to 7mmol/l (for fasting blood sugar) to ensure the diseases do not destroy their vital organs. 

On patients who go from one doctor to another thinking there is a cure for the diseases, Dr Goh said they have to know that there is no cure for these diseases but only control and slowing down the devastating effects. 

“It is best to prevent the diseases from occurring and this can be achieved by having a healthy lifestyle,”

National Kidney Foundation (NKF) second vice-chairman Dr Tan Chwee Choon said based on the National Renal Registry 2006, nearly 3,000 new patients were seeking kidney dialysis treatment yearly and the annual growth rate was about 10%

“We encourage people to seek treatment so that they don’t end up with kidney dialysis which is not only costly but there is also a long waiting list,” he said during the launch of the NKF Kidney Care community programme “Are your kidneys ok?” in conjunction with the World Kidney Day 2008. 


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Hi all, this is very sad and unfortunately this kind of sickness find the poors as victims. This little baby Velerie Ann is suffering from “cyanotic heart disease” – low oxygen levels in the blood and causes the lips, fingers, and toes to look blue. 

The Father Jonathan Pillai had emptied his life savings which was about RM 23,000 thousand for the baby’s medical treatment thus far. Well, now that the major operation has to be taken place he has gone Zero in savings and hoping how Malaysian could help him. He need RM 481,000 in total for the 3 surgeries to be done. Only this would give him a 70% chance to save the little baby’s life.

As proud generous Malaysian, I am sure we can do more than RM481,000 if each and everyone of us contribute just one day meal of ours to save a great baby’s life. For those Christian’s out there this is Lent season, a good time to care and contribute.

Kindly send all Donations by cheque to Skudai Catholic Centre Johor Baru, Parish Office for Human Development, or banked into Public Bank account 314 628 5324.  For more information, contact Jonathan at 012-751 6843 (the baby’s daddy)

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Tuesday 12 2007,

I am not sure how accurate is the below segment in one of our local news yesterday… but surely interesting!!!

KUCHING: Can a person get high by sniffing chicken droppings? National Anti-Drug Agency Sarawak director Jasni Jubli intends to find out. 

He will investigate a claim by federal Rural and Regional Development Deputy Minister Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe last month that some students in the state were sniffing chicken droppings to get high if they could not obtain glue. 

Jasni said there was no legal provision to ban the sniffing of chicken droppings, just like in the case of glue. – Bernama

So if you have chicken at home, keep it safe.. there are some drug dealers looking to getting chicky with it….

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