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Hi all, this is very sad and unfortunately this kind of sickness find the poors as victims. This little baby Velerie Ann is suffering from “cyanotic heart disease” – low oxygen levels in the blood and causes the lips, fingers, and toes to look blue. 

The Father Jonathan Pillai had emptied his life savings which was about RM 23,000 thousand for the baby’s medical treatment thus far. Well, now that the major operation has to be taken place he has gone Zero in savings and hoping how Malaysian could help him. He need RM 481,000 in total for the 3 surgeries to be done. Only this would give him a 70% chance to save the little baby’s life.

As proud generous Malaysian, I am sure we can do more than RM481,000 if each and everyone of us contribute just one day meal of ours to save a great baby’s life. For those Christian’s out there this is Lent season, a good time to care and contribute.

Kindly send all Donations by cheque to Skudai Catholic Centre Johor Baru, Parish Office for Human Development, or banked into Public Bank account 314 628 5324.  For more information, contact Jonathan at 012-751 6843 (the baby’s daddy)


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ALOR STAR: A free food outlet called the Soup Kitchen is opening soon in Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur. 

Everybody, especially the poor and downtrodden, are welcome to lunch at the outlet that will start operations from Jan 15, said Fungates Superflow Foundation director Clarine Chun. 

The opening ceremony would be held on Christmas Day. 

Chun said the outlet was an expansion of Soup Kitchen in Alor Star that was set up three years ago, adding that the foundation was planning to open more outlets, especially in the Klang Valley, to reach out to the urban poor. 

“The Soup Kitchen in Alor Star attracts about 130 patrons daily. We anticipate the outlet in Jinjang will attract at least 200 people a day,” she said. 

Chun said all are welcome to the outlet that serves food that is free of pork and beef. 

She said CIMB Bank donated money to refurbish the outlet in Jinjang. 

“We are renovating to provide a café ambience. We want the people who come here to feel at ease.  

“We do not want them to feel like they are waiting for handouts. We want them to mingle and make friends.  

“It is a place we want everybody to feel welcome,” she said, adding that Fungates Superflow Foundation would continue sourcing for funds to run the outlets. 

Pacific West also regularly donates frozen food. 

“We welcome raw materials especially vegetables,” she added. 

For information, call Angeline of Fungates at 03-798 388 27.

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