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“TIDAK APA” Attitude


Its not something unsual, but very common things that happen in Malaysia. 2 days ago, I walked in to a bank to do some transaction at the counter. When I walked in I was a little happy because they were only 3 customers at the bank including myself. I walked right to the machine and generate the numbering ticket for myself.

Knowing I am the third person, I rush and started to fill up my  forms as quick as possible. “Thinking its going to be my turn soon to move to the counter” Guess what…. there was 8 counters build with a great design of American style and looks so posh. BUT BUT BUT so many buts… because there were only 1 operating counter. I could only see 1 sad soul taking her own sweet time entertaining the customers.

I had pratically sited there patiently for 20 minutes for my turn. What a service ? I wonder if the CEO of this bank do know that this is how their bank works ? And if he or she know about this,  would the action remain the same as the bank management ? Because they are too rich to care. This is why the “TIDAK APA” attitude occurs…. if a privatised bank works this way, how do you think our Govt Bodies work ?????  Just pouring out my frustation…. do share if you guys do go thru the same situation as mine as well…


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