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Moo Moo Moo


Guess What happen when you actually leave the town and go for holidays? Caught in action. This happened during the Chinese New Year Festive along Jalan Sentul linking to the Mahameru Highway in Kuala Lumpur.  Oh my! my! this is right in the middle of the town. The best part is that, this picture was taken from 5:00pm to 10:00pm during our normal peak hours bumber to bumber.

Its kinda fun to see these cows mooing around on the road instead of the normal cars, truck and bikes. So whats the morale of the story ? do give your pets some freedom from time to time, or else you have to find a new route to travel. 🙂 Tell me if you have actually gone thru something similar like this. Its nice to know and share your experince. I am sure its quite fun to see all this happening in front of your very own eyes.


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