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Its the moment of Victory for America and not only for “Obama”. This is the starting date you may want to mark in your Calendar as for all the good changes are about to happen to the world. I am not looking at the vote in America as a choice of their country only, but its a choice of the world. Even if there were to be a voting system made online thru out world wide, I guess this is what will be the result still. A vote for the man which is believed to bring in the change to America and the World. I hope that Malaysia will also learn from this. Changes is definitely needed everywhere. So be prepared to accept the fact that people no longger loves the old tricks…….


Emmm Looks like the man of the match would probably be “OBAMA”. I am not sure about you guys, but I definitely in for Obama’s Win. He is the man that I beleive will bring in the change not only in US but will influence the rest of the world towards a positive move.




The world most awaited day, has finnaly arrived. I am updating this based on every 2 hours if there were to be any latest updates in the voting. For now looks like McCain is leading. Is this what the world wants…..??? lets watch till the end.

Country stability and peacufulness are dependant on the control of the Police Rayality. We would feel save to move around knowing that Police is watching the street and the bad guys.

But what would you say if they run before you when there is something happening ?????? This is not something that I am telling you but our honourable

This is one man that claimed that the Police does not feel save being in a dirty and dangerous place like “Chow Kit”

A Bonus Question to Syed Hamid = If the police does not feel save and who does ?

Second Bonus Question = If you cant use police to make the others feel save than “WHAT is Police for” ? Tell you what i give you a hint to make you easier to answer the second question, they are used to take care of the roads whenever the Barisan Nasional people needs them to work – like to make the traffic heavy with unnecessary blocks.

Third Question = How could you ever says anything like that about Malaysian Police. They are well trained people who goes thru like years of training and furthermore those who located at the Chow Kit station are even more experienced person.

Have Fun Malaysian having some Ministers like this and Police who runs away before you